Who we are

We are a web design company specialising in anthroposophical and naturalistic design.

Internet technologies have grown to become a part of our life. Many of us spend some time in the Internet every day - for study, business or shopping.

Modern website designs often reproduce artificial 'cyber' environment of the urban world. Our designs bring beauty and flow of the natural world into virtual environment.

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Our Principles

What is an 'organic' website?


  • We use only natural colours.
  • We avoid sharp angles that disturb the flow of concentration.
  • Our designs are clean, harmonious and integral - each site is a complete piece of art.


Our Team

Isabelle is a German graphic designer. She attended the Bonner Waldorfschule, received her degree in graphic design from Rheinbacher Glasfachschule, and studied stone sculpting at the 'Academia di Santa Maria' in Italy. She worked as a graphic designer for various companies including Birkenstock. Later she moved to Egypt working for the anthroposophical initiative SEKEM. Her children attend Titirangi Steiner School where she designs and produces all schools publications.

Oleg received his computer science degree in Moscow. He spent 15 years working as an Internet security consultant for corporations such as IBM and EDS before turning to a career in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He now brings ideas from natural medicine to the technological realm. His children also attend Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.